Welcome to the Official BULLYHARD website!! We are NOT a kennel, we are a family of dogs located in sunnyside San Diego, California specializing in XXL Bully Pitbull Terriers.

Our foundation stock consists of the best bloodlines amongst proven producers in the XXL Pitbull world. With also a pedigree to back it up, we strive to hit our target goal to produce and breed pitbulls with excellent structure, temperament, health and especially a loving companion.

Our dogs are NOT bred for illegal purposes. Buyers will be screened and puppies will only be sold to "our" approved living condition standards. We strongly advise to research and study about the breed before purchasing one here or elsewhere. The American Pitbull Terrier is the most loyalist & misunderstood breed in existence, please do your research.

Here at BULLYHARD...we always have your BAAACK!!




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